OpenVPN Mode TUN and cannot access network Windows

Hello I did the installation of Nethserver on a VM on Hyper-V, so I configured OpenVPN on Nethsetver more now when I access this VPN I do not have access to the other devices on the network only to Nethserver and also on Android phone this error with TAP not is supported, so I ask how I change the VPN configuration to TUN and if anyone would have an idea why the VPN is isolated from the network.
So I have 2 problems:
I do not access the Windows network and the other I cannot configure the VPN on the cell phone


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As you don’t say anything about your network, i must make assumptions…

As you’re using Hyper-V, i assume you have another “box” as router for your LAN, and not your virtual NethServer acting as firewall…

In this case, you can probably access your Network - you’re just not getting any answers from your LAN, as the LAN clients reply to the default gateway, and the “box” passes these packets to the Internet, and your provider discards these private network packets (As per RFCs…).

All you need is a static route on your “firewall box”, pointing the OpenVPN Network to the NethServer’s LAN IP…

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PS: Cellphone: Try a different OpenVPN Client… :slight_smile:

For Android users OPNsense recommends using OpenVPN for Android ( from Arne Schwabe.

Thanks for answering, now I’m using the Nethserver as a VPN server and other services, on the computers the VPN is working, but now I have a problem to configure the VPN on an Android Tablet because android does not accept a connection other than TUN

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Yes, a “normal” OpenVPN should run in TUN mode.

Why would you need a TAP mode?

One of the few, legit reasons is a legacy system without TCP/IP, eg Mainframe or Novell using IPX…

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More how I configure OPenVPN on Nethserver in TUN mode.