OpenVpn Login-Time - Define when a user may login

Does NethServer support the freeradius Login-Time attribute for creating openvpn accounts? In this way I can define the times that a client can connect. For example, I could configure Wk0855-1800, Sa.

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There’s another possibility with firewall rules:

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Do the Nethserver Time Conditions rules also work for weekdays as an example of the following iptables rule?

iptables -A OUTPUT -m time --timestart 09:00 --timestop 18:00 --days Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri -j ACCEPT

Yes, but no need to use iptables. NethServer uses shorewall.

Just install the firewall from Software Center and then go to Applications/Firewall settings/Objects and add a time condition.

Firewall settings are explained in the admin manual.
If you like to use the terminal, have a look at the dev manual.

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