Openvpn Issue with Client Reserved IP (Static IP)

NethServer Version: v7
Module: openvpn

Hello guys,

Under my openvpn module, I need to set up a reserved IP for a client (Fixed/Static IP

Via httpd-admin I’ve made this configuration for the client.


The client connection seems to ignore this setting and it comes with a different automatic IP assignment (


The weird situation is that for the first client I’ve set up (client-000 with ip the reserved ip assignment works as aspected.

Do you have some ideas about where could be the problem?

Thank you for your help :wink:

Due to a limit of Windows only some addresses can be used. See:

E.g. would be good in your setup.


@filippo_carletti as always your answer are like pearls. :wink:

Anyhow, I’m not so confidend like you in the network/mask/ip calculation… so I’ve take your indication as a dogma for me.

But I’had a problem: was already taken (indeed it works)

So in the server I’ve configured for my client-001

The result was that the client has taken the at the connection :thinking:

Why have you told me that the ip .50 was ok for my setup?

(I know… I was in trouble with the openvpn document you have shared) :pray:

[Update] I’ve understood!

Thank you again @filippo_carletti