Openvpn Credential error

Hi everyone, I have a small question about openvpn of NS is not responding giving error “Credential Error”. Yesterday I installed NS Intrusion prevention system - is it making problem of vpn to work?

I’ve running a nethserver with vpn and ips. With ips I block everything but policy and it works.

Please test if packets reach your server at the moment you try to connect. You can do it with:

tcpdump -nnpi <red_if> port 1194

Of course you have to change the port, if you choose another one at you vpn server.

Dear Michael, thanks for your idea. I went to the location where our server is located.
The problem was not with openvpn. The rsync backup was not being finished by 13/04/2020 and the NAS driver is disconnected remaining the folders copied in the server. Then server is 0kb free space to handle the services.
I deleted those folders and restarted, the server is back to normal
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Thanks for your answer. Could you please mark the topic as solved?

Have a good day too.