OpenVPN client + add OVPN server role

NethServer Version: 6.6
Module: OpenVPN


I have two offices linked with OpenVPN (let´s call them Master and Satellite) and now a couple of users need to access files located in the Satellite server, which obviously is running as an OpenVPN “client”.

Is is possible to enable the “server” function and have the users VPN to either server depending on what they need to access?
Or would I be better off by setting up some real-time syncing and have user connect to the “Master” server only?


That should be possible but users may get crazy when they have to switch VPN all the time.

In this case you may have problems with files changing on both sides.

What about combining tunnel and roadwarrior on the master server? So users can vpn to the master server and connect to the satellite server via the tunnel.

BTW, you are using Nethserver 6.6? Actual version is Nethserver 6.10 and I recommend to think about upgrading to Nethserver 7 because NS6 EOL is in 2020, see release notes

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