OpenVPN and shorewall admins

NethServer Version: your_version
Module: your_module

Hi guys,
Can you advise who is dealing with this two modules?
I tried Davide already but looks like he is no more active or this is not his projects.


Hi Zimny,

on github I see that @giacomo wrote much lines of code in openvpn and firewall-base too but I never heard of module admins. @davidep is still active for sure but Nethesis is closed this week, see Community SPRINT

Please just post your problem and people here in the community will help you. This way you’ll get a big pool of supporters.

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Probably you should expose us what are your questions/issues, sometime it is a time saver for the developers, the problem has been well detailed before.

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Just ask and a developer will answer ASAP (after this week if holiday, probably :wink: )