Openvpn and print locally

after connecting in vpn … I can’t print why?
Thank you

Does your question have something to do with Nethserver in some way? Because it isn’t at all obvious if it does–is that server at work a Nethserver machine? Or is your private router a Nethserver machine?

I ask because this is the support forum for the Nethserver software. If that software isn’t involved in your question, I’d suggest you ask someplace more relevant.


Hi dan
Yes I use NethServer 7.9.2009 as openvpn server (OpenVPN RoadWarrior)
and then I use openvpn (Windows) client to connect to the server and go to my internal network (Small service)
can you help me?
Thank you

Which OS is installed on the computer?

Hi pike
Windows 10
Thank you

Did you try to disable “Route all client traffic through VPN” in the VPN settings?


If you can ping the printer from the Windows client when connected to VPN, you may change the Windows printer driver settings in a way that it connects to the IP instead of the name that could not be resolvable when connected to VPN.

Pretty please, with sugar on top, with VPN connection established, go for Command prompt and put down route print. Post here the output.
Then, please, tell which ip address has your local printer. Assuming is connected via network…

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