Openvidu experiences?


is there anybody who took a look at Openvidu please?


Sorry for late response, hope you are recovered from illness fully.

What do you think is the benefit of it. The free version is very limited and we have a how to install matrix synapse.

Thanks, appreciated!

Well, I guess looking around and see developments is interesting :wink: Next to that, I somehow have the feeling for Nethserver there are several efforts on multi channel corporation, but nothing definite yet or a bit complicated. For example, the youtube link you gave is an almost half an hour instruction video!

Just wondering around :slight_smile:

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And yes, thanks for you kind inquiry!

Sorry I didn’t look at the video, but of course the side is an instruction of installing it. But I found by searching for video conferencing. For me the intention to post this link was the following sentence

Therefore we’re very happy to announce that it’s easier than ever before now to self-host your own video conferencing alongside Riot & Synapse: as of Riot/Web 1.5.15 (released last week), it’s now a single config option to point Riot at a specific Jitsi rather than needing to hook up to an integration manager!

Please don’t be, I enjoy the relaxed chat! Simply sharing and discussing like we are in a Cafe, and ‘steal’ the Moka from our Italian friends… :wink: Heck we can discuss the milk foam if we like to!

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Do you have time to test an installation? But I don’t find an install package for CentOS. I think you have to compile it.

Hmmm, it is based on Docker

Not only, you also can install it on an Ubuntu machine.

It could be work with CentOS also. I think with a real installation we will have some benefits

  • no extra IP is needed
  • easier configuration (only an assumption)

It seems there is the docker and the AWS installation method. The problem I see with installing on Neth is that it wants nginx to use default HTTP/HTTPS ports which will clash with Neth apache ports.

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Maybe not just yet…

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OK then it may work with other ports and maybe apache reverse proxy.