OpenLDAP Shared folder access from Windows

Hi, I installed NS7.7 in my home network server and decided to use a local OpenLDAP to create a Shared folder that can be accessed by Guests. The aim is that everybody can read and write data to this folder within the home network, mainly using windows 10 pc’s

The Shared folder is visible and accessible from a windows 10 PC, but when I try to create a new folder within the Shared folder from this PC using Windows Explorer, it says “you need permission to perform this action”.

If I understood it correctly from the manual, all Guests have read and write permission to the Shared folder and rights cannot be modified. Did I miss something?

Hi, @MB76 and welcome.
From the new server-manager (cockpit, on port 9090) the shared folder can be configured either with read-only access or read and write access. If it is set with read and write permissions, you might solve it by using the Reset permissions option.

If you are curious about the issue we may get some clues doing a few checks (before resetting permissions):

db accounts show yoursharedfolder
getfacl /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/yoursharedfolder/

Thanks for this quick advice. Changing the permissions using the cockpit did the trick. That was easy :wink:
Great forum :+1: