Open-source encrypted notes app

Hey all, wanted to share Standard Notes with you. It’s an open-source encrypted notes app with cross-platform sync, and let’s you access your notes securely from any platform. It makes for a good encrypted Evernote alternative, as I know lots of people have been seeking that lately after their privacy policy gaffe.

It was recently on the front page of the Linux subreddit. I’m the developer of the app and would be happy to answer any questions regarding my experience with open-source and encryption development, or anything else.

I’m new to NethServer, but I’d be interested in seeing if it would make sense to have a Standard Notes web module, and how exactly that would work.

Would love any feedback you have as well!


Hi Mo, welcome.
Did you already try to install it on CentOS? Or do you have some notes?
It would be great, so our people can start to play with it.

Hey Alessio, I haven’t yet installed NethServer or any components. I’m a Mac user and run Ubuntu when I need to test and deploy Standard Notes on Linux. I’m looking over now and it seems reasonable.

So I’m not sure if I understand this correctly — an app would need to be designed as a NethServer component for it to run in the OS? Or would Linux apps (such as AppImage) work as is?

Although NethServer is highly modular, it is not based on appimage based extensions. You can debate (and there has been a loty of debate about appimage already in numerous communities and fora) if putting everything in 1 image/container/whatever you want to call it. IMO there is a huge risk updates of such an image is neglected and become a seurity risk. If I look at IoT applications there already are tons of insecure rubbish around.

To enhance functionality in NethServer we have a very pragmatic approach. (I already wrote this in another thread, and I probably should make a wiki page of it for reference)

  • Do a feature request for an application. We can discuss if the application is worth it to investigate and see if there are any alternatives that might be a better fit.
  • Install it on NethServer and make an install howto in a new topic. The community can comment on the howto and if the howto is 100% reproducable, the howto can get a place in our wiki.
  • Make a NethServer module for the application. There are plenty of people, including the @dev_team that are more than willing to give a hand with this. When a module is ready it can be pushed to the NethServer-testing repository. After thorough testing it can get a place in NethForge repository (the 'community repostory) or if we all think this module should get the status of standard module, to NethServer repository.
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Gotcha. Does it make sense to start with step 1, and consider this a request for an application? I don’t see a dedicated section for “notes” in the docs like I do with chat and email.

I will move this topic to feature request section. Maybe you are not that used to discourse forums that we use. By default all new topics are listed in a long list, but we do have several different sections.
To view those sections you can click on the top right hamburger icon and choose categories

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To get it from here: I love the idea of a secure notes application. What alternatives can we come up with? Is there an addon available for Nextcloud that can do something similar?

When I put Standard Notes in and filter on ‘opensource only’ I get a long list of possebilities:

2 applications that stand out to me are turtle and OpenNote

I like the idea to have a simple open source standard note application, so if anyone is interested we can create an howto like @robb already suggested :slight_smile:

The only documentation I’ve found for installing the server part is this one:

It uses Ruby tools to install the full stack of dependencies. Have you ever tried to install everything using standard RPMs using Apache as proxy to passenger?

Thank you for joining and proposing such feature @bitario!

I’m not against such a tool being added either…but I’d like to suggest an alternative…

If you are using Nextcloud, perhaps the notetaking apps within Nextcloud could suit your needs.

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This one looks easy and well supported. With markdown support :slight_smile: