Open range of IPs in proxy

NethServer Version: v7.4
Module: proxy
I have a group of users who have blocked Internet access and only have a few pages. Now I need to use the GotoAssist and this requires that some pages and certain ranges of IPs be opened. With the pages I have no problem, but how do I open IPS ranges?
Can you help me please.

I’m assuming that IP addresses and sites are on internet and not into your lan…
Therefore you should add to your proxy some exclusions.

Yes, I understand but how do I do that? Where do I have to put the IP ranges in the proxy exclusions? I think I can put an IP but not an IP range.
Bypass by source and destinations

Please try to define firewallobjects. For a single IP “host”, for IP-range “IP ranges” or even for a hole CDIR (

That firewall object can be used in webproxy section Tab “sites without proxy”.

So these IPs are completely whitelisted. Works fine for me.
But please be aware, that these sites are really trusted.

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The pc´s gateway is not a server nethserver, it´s a private IP router VPN. I think the solution you have given me it´s not what I need, it´s not a solution for me.

Sorry, I don’t get you. You stated Nethserver v7.4 / Module Proxy.
What is your setup? Can you please give me a hint?
Which machine takes care of internetaccess of your users?

I think this isn’t possible.
Perhaps we should do a feature request.


@flatspin I tried your solution a time ago, but howto use this IP-Range at proxy settings. I can’t choose the range by sites without proxy for example.

I´m uploading two images to try to explain myself. The proxy is configured to bloked everything not open. On the image “Web content filter” I have this configuration, then I go to custom categories, you also can see the image “Custom categories”. In there I can write the IPs I wan to to get througt but I have a number limit of IP addresses, and I need a lot. So what I want to do is to use an IP range as you can see on the top IP addresses of the picture, that way I can limit my IP addresses number.

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