Open port 8088 on firewall

how do you open the port 8088? I need to start live technical support chat.

I take it you have some kind of service defined that needs that port to be opened?
If not, create a service
Then open the port by the following command:

config set yourservice service status enabled TCPPorts 8088 UDPPorts 8088 access red,green
signal-event firewall-adjust

This will open port 8088 for TCP and UDP on both Green and Red interfaces.

You can find the info in the admin docs:


Inbound or outbound?
Do you need a Port Forwarding?

Thank you!
how to delete this custom rule?

It’s not a firewall rule but a Network Service, only for avoid a not useful search into firewall rules.
Seems that documentation lacks the part for delete network services

To disable it:

config setprop yourservice status disabled
signal-event firewall-adjust

To delete it entirely:

config delete yourservice
signal-event firewall-adjust