Onlyoffice temporarily not available

I replaced Collabora with Onlyoffice to work within Nextcloud. Everything looks fine. I can reach the documentserver. But when I try to open a document in Nextcloud, I get “Onlyoffice is temporarily not available. Contact your administrator.”
Can anybody tell what triggers this error message and where to look for the reason?

Have you consulted this section?

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Moin Ralf,

Which version of Onlyoffice do you use?
Note this: onlyoffice [NethServer Wiki]




Does the current version of Onlyoffice work now, or do you still have to stay with the old one?

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You still have use the 7.1 version, I’ll update the wiki page as soon as I got more recent versions of Onlyoffice working.


It works now. Maybe it was a firewall and address problem.
After configuring Haproxy on pfSense as proxy to onlyoffice port 8082 I could connect.

It’s the Onlyoffice version offered by the NS software center.

Hi @mrmarkuz,

Is there currently a possibility to use a newer version of Onlyoffice than the 7.1.1?



Sorry, not yet but I’m working on it…