OnlyOffice Mobile devices

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: OnlyOffice / latest Version NextCloud

I am confused, from my Desktop (W7P64) Onlyoffice open up dokuments in Firefox, Chrome (never try Explorer).
When I am using my Samsung 7edge, the Webside said “Dokument Server is not running”.
The smartphone is via WLAN in the same network, and privat Nextcloud is running.

any Idea ?

Which browser are you using on your cell phone?

Firefox and Chrome

Is this WLAN added as a trusted network in server manager?

It is the same network @home

Can you reach the documentserver page (https://nethserver:8082) from the mobile phone browser? You may have to allow it if you don’t use a valid certificate.

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Hello Markus

That was the solution. I had to open up the side https://nethserver:8082 and there is 2 add the certificate too. Only accept and add the certificate on nextcloud side https://nethserver/nextcloud is not enough.
Now its running with VPN to (fritzbx 7590 and IPsec on the box!)


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