Onlyoffice cannot be reached error

NethServer Version: latest
Module: nextcloud, onlyoffice

I have been running onlyoffice successfully on my server, but after server reboot
I get the message onlyoffice is not running on the server.

I visited the onlyoffice url https://onlyoffice.domain.tld:8082
it says onlyoffice is running successfully,

I copied the link to the onlyoffice settings area, which I noticed the onlyoffice server address was not listed.
I pasted the link there. but I get the error message
“error while trying to connect bad request timeout”

what might be the actual problem

You may try to update the configuration. If the server address wasn’t listed, maybe the token was missing too.

signal-event nethserver-onlyoffice-update

You may also check if you can reach the onlyoffice server from external…

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but what might have happened to cause that?

Maybe nextcloud reinstall/update? I recently tested the nextcloud update and apps like onlyoffice were still working but who knows…maybe it was a nextcloud app update…