Only download file extensions are slow


I just install the nethserver and started to use with 30 users, streaming and all the other elements are working fine without any issue.but when we try to download even a 430kbps file it takes more than 10 minutes, download speed of the internet can go upto 100mbps.

SNORT not installed and basic firewall and the squid proxy is installed.

any idea why this is happening (traffic shape rules not available)

Hi Azad,

did you try the speedtest in the Status/diagnostics/speedtest panel?
Does a download work with normal speed on the Nethserver itself?

curl --output

Do you use transparent, auth or manual proxy? Did you install web content filter too? Does it work when clients do not use the proxy?

Hi @mrmarkuz

i did the speed test its normal via cli , i use transparent proxy over SSL.i installed web filtering too.yes its work wel if they bypass the Nethserver

Do you use Nethserver as gateway with at least red and green interface? Does it work with disabled content filter? Which clients and browsers do you use?

Yes, v r using nethserver as the gateway for the users and 2- red zones (ISP’s) and 1- green zone (LAN)
i didnt try to disable but i tried allowing everything by default from the filter and still same but i can try once the users are away by disabling the filter

Also antivirus and ntopng can have some impacts on performance.
Check also the CPU usage, if it’s always high, you probably need a better CPU.

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Hi,I see the slowness only for the wetransfer website only

I could not reproduce it, wetransfer download/upload speed is ok.

Did you try other browsers or disable antivirus on clients?

@mrmarkuz as u instructed i tried to stop all the services including the squid proxy but still the we transfer files are downloading much slower than the normal download away from the nethserver. i guess the issue with the firewall but i cannot check it as when i stop the firewall (shorewall) internet is not working via neth server.

is there anyway to check the we transfer file download speed tweaking the shorewall or bypassing the shorewall from the nethserver?

I am afraid that for transparent proxy shorewall is needed. You may try to bypass the proxy and exclude the wetransfer domains from proxy: