Only "create connection" on WebVirtMgr

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611
Module: KVM

I don´t have the option to create a virtual disk or something… i think it has something to do with the fileformat i used to install nethserver… is that correct?

What option should i use? LVM? Should i leave some space with no partition?
My only experience is with HyperV… any other suggestion? :stuck_out_tongue: text/howto to read?

Another question, can i install Oracle Linux in a VM? Anyone with this experience?

I don’t think so, WebVirt should allow to create any type of disk.
Ad first step, create a connection to the localhost if there isn’t one.

Then WebVirt will connect to the local libvirtd daemon and let you create new vms.

See also:

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Will try this later, but good to know! I was afraid to create another connection becouse of this:

Do not create network bridges using WebVirtManager interface. Just create the bridge inside Network page and use it under WebVirtManager.