One client has troube getting to shares

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: network settings

I have one client that for no apparent reason will decide it can’t get to the server at all. I’ll get a call that this particular user can’t get to their shares, I’ll come check it out and sure enough the computer can’t ping the Nethserver at all, it can however get literally anywhere else. I have 3 interfaces on the server the computer won’t be able to ping any of them until I changed one from LAN to internet and back again, then it starts working.

TLDR: one computer can’t ping any interface on the server except after I switch an interface form LAN to internet and back LAN again.

any ideas?

If every other client works, I think it’s a problem with the client not Nethserver.
Some things we have to check:

  • Is it a windows, linux or mac os
  • Is there an additional firewall installed (maybe some services are blocked)
  • Is the client at the same network
  • Did you try to reset the network settings (at windows often it helps a lot)

Please give some infos about your configuration, so we can try to help you.

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That’s the weird thing I know it’s not the client as flopping the interface on the server fixes it, and it’s not always the same client, plus DHCP tends to break when this happens too. It is very strange.

Hi @keving, i’d like to ask you a bit more of good will.

Maybe you now you can’t figure out why your installation is having an uncommon behaviour.
But on this side i can’t figure out your enviroment, your setup of server, why you choose some option and all the “little specialties” that lead you in this situation.

Please, be kind, try to be a bit more detailed and structured on:
-your server configuration, also with network interfaces and (possibly) subnets
-at least a part of your network setup: adapters, uplinks, ip addresses (avoiding public, if possible, for reduce footprint)
-in which part of your network layout the clients has problems to connect
-the configuration of the client that are showing issues.

It will help to arrange some guesses and checks for you to find the issue and solve the “weird” netwok