Offer NethSecurity for enterprise protection for small businesses

Greetings friends

I have currently noticed that there have been attacks on businesses in my locality and beyond.

What plan is it possible to offer to prospective customers for implementation, hardware features and service time and an international price estimate of what the implementation will cost?

the link find the types of attacks, web and database.

Hello Jose,

I think you can use NethSecurity as you did with NS7.
If needed, you can also buy a subscription to receive support.

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I have ns7 in a hotel Hotel Paraguna Mall but the client has changed IT support all the time. and never had the outsourcing service with me. a friend called me asking for help and i found out that he is working with them and they never followed up on my configurations.

I have already seen many of them have their web pages hacked, but I am worried about those clients with internet and their database servers are with generic users and passwords.

I want to offer those services with NethSecurity and migrate the NS7 if possible.

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Hi Jose
we’re working on the subscription for Nsec, when it is ready you can sell it to your customers
In the meantime you can install and sell the community version

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Perfect, as soon as I can I will make the advertisements and designs and announce them by WhatsApp.

It looks like with the latest update the subscription is introduced.
How can i register for a subscription. The link on the docs site is for Netserver.
in any case the token is not working in NethSecurity

Yes, we’ve introduced few limitations, the documentation is a work in progress.
The only relevant change is that LDAP remote database is available only with a subscription.
Still, as a mentioned in another thread, a trial subscription can be used to unlock the feature.

This is a bug, we will try to fix it very soon.


Applying for a subscription is now working.
Good and quick fix.

Are there plans for subscription for Nethsecurity know yet ?

Yes, we’re working on two plans personal and business.
When I have something cooked I’ll ask for feedback


I’ve another question which is a bit related to a subscription

We you have a subscription you can only update with a stable release.
It it possible when you are taken a subscription that you can choose if you want to use stable or Development releases ?
Since Nethsecurity is developing rapidly at the moment i like the swift updates, but also like to have registed system.

The idea is that if you have a subscription, you should use a supported version so it’s easier to get help, if needed.

Still, this is a command to switch the repository channel:

sed -i 's/subscription/dev/g' /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf

But it will be reverted during the night.
See also: Package repositories | NethSecurity

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