Off-topic: Nextcloud on Aruba Hosting

Hi all,
anyone has never installed NextCloud on Aruba Hosting? I’m not “scared” from technical installation, but I want to be sure that I can install NextCloud on hosting without any “political” problem.

Thanks in advance.

P.s. I can’t bought a VPS with CentOs and install NS7. I need one specific hosting plan.

Why not, Rob told me about a very cheap one, I think it was contabo (cheapest is 4,99 €/Month).
Perhaps @robb can help here a little bit more.

Hi @federico.ballarini
I have used NethServer on Arubacloud before, buit their smallest offer of EUR2.37 (ex VAT) is not capable enough to run NethServer comfortably. It has only 1GB ram and only 20GB of diskspace. If youwa nt to use it for Nextcloud, you will run out of diskspace very soon.
As @m.traeumner already mentioned, contabo has a much more affordable plan.
The cheapest offer is EUR3.99 (incl VAT) and then you have 4GB ram and 300GB of SSD boosted diskspace.
Installing NethServer on either Arubacloud or Contabo is possible. Be aware you will onnly have 1 network interface, so you will need to create a dummy interface or use a VLAN to be able to create a RED interface (needed when you go for Samba4 AD account provider) In the wiki there is a howto for the dummy interface, or use the suggestion to create a VLAN by @davidep Create a dummy interface when you only have 1 NIC available


I’ve open Softaculous App Installer on Aruba Hosting and I’ve seen that there is automatic installation for Nextcloud. I’ll test it (maybe someone prefer to buy an Hosting and not a VPS).

EDIT: Installed and working. Fantastic!

Do you really feel you are in full control, or does it work and you are happy. What if the next glitch happens?

I don’t use it for production data. I’m obviusly happy because it works.
If there will any glitch there isn’t any problem.

Sorry to bother you, but how could you install NexCloud on Aruba Hosting via Softaculous?
In spite of several efforts, I never succeeded nor via Softaculous nor with the web installer.
Would you mind to give me some informations?

Thank you in advance


I’d check out NethServer is now available on DigitalOcean Marketplace. Some of the fastest deployments/options for where to host your data. By far not disappointed with my $100 free 2 month credits to demo the product. I’ve used this new service now twice to demo Nethserver (more importantly Nextcloud with NS as the backend) to prospective clients. <- Referral link of mine for your free $100 2 month credit if you wanted to try it out.


I generally favor Contabo over Digital Ocean for VPS hosting (you get much more for your money with Contabo), but DO has a few big advantages:

  • No setup fees
  • They spin up a new instance almost instantly–it’s up and running in generally less than a minute
  • You’re only billed for the time it’s up–if I fire up a VPS, play with it for a few hours, and then destroy it, I’m only billed a few cents