October 2016 Development Updates

As you know a lot of work has been done since the release of beta2.
So it is time to go and catch up to our development report!

Deep packet inspection

The biggest items during this period include the deep packet inspection to the firewall using nDPI
This feature will allow the administrator to create firewall rules like “only the boss computer can access Facebook” or “nobody can use torrent”

New time conditions on firewall rules

The firewall now supports conditions based on times. Administrators should be able to create rules like this:

##New interface for the Traffic shaping
A better implementation of traffic shaping with a brand new interface allows the creation of complex rules also with nDPI support.
For example, during the office hours facebook traffic has low priority

The “Firewall rules” page are expanded adding the “low priority” and “high priority” actions on rule creation, and Bandwidth configuration of red network interface has been moved inside the “Network” page removing the “Traffic shaping” panel.

Suricata is the new IPS

We have replaced Snort with Suricata and testing a new web interface (Thanks @jackyes for the contribution)

##New web interface to restore data from old backups
In the past, files to restore shown in interface are only from the last backup.
Now, user is able to select from which backup files should be restored and see from interface files that are from the selected backup.

Improved full text search for IMAP

The upstream dovecot package provides the Lucene-based FTS (Full Text Search) plugin, we have enabled it by default on ns7, so the speed of searches by IMAP client and webmail is now vastly improved.

Our amazing @dev_team and @quality_team have outdone itself this time!


Great improvements!

You made my day better =D