OCS Inventory, client not send data to server


I use Nethserver 6.8 with module OCS Inventory

and my client use windows 7, installation and connect via https//server_ip/ocsreports/

But a problem is the client not send any data to the server.

I am not sure about cacert.pem , should I download from the server ?
Thank you

Ehi @Ya_Ley
I have some people very well-versed in the field @ironsky @nrauso @Mario_Spang

Hello @Ya_Ley
Yes! I had the same problems. Maybe can you find a solution at the following web-page: http://wiki.ocsinventory-ng.org/index.php?title=Documentation:Teledeploy


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oh @Ya_Ley one more important thing. You need the server-certificat of yout Nethserver. You should copy that to a local path. During installation of the ocs-client you can choose the certificat. But you can also have a automatic installation from the server side. How it works? I’m not sure. In my opinion you need a package. For the first, you must install a virtual maschine, then a image of windows 7 and so on.

look at this too.




I think, the Nethserver already has provide server-certificate but where’s the file location for cacert.pem.
anyway, in case, I would like to configure without ssl