NUT as a server?

Is NUT software provided for NethServer a working NUT server?
I am wondering to connect the UPS both to my hardware devices (a Windows PC and the NethServer) so my plan was:

  • install NUT
  • configure UPS
  • install a NUT client on my Windows PC
  • configure the client to access to NUT on NethServer

I find only this issues:

  • which group of users can read NUT status?

Edit: I really am a fool…
Configuring NUT i found this writings:

Password for slave: notrealpassword

Therefore: NUT on NethServer is a NUT server and can be used for connect Slaves.

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You found the solution :wink:

You’re right man… documentation seems quite clear but…
maybe my ne(th)spresso was not fully delivered when i wrote that post
therefore i called myself as i deserved :smiley:

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