Number of max nodes NS8


I recall reading that the maximum number of nodes on a NS8 cluster is 4. Out of simply curiosity, what is the rationale behind this (if true), was this intentionally, are there other limitations?

Just asking :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s where I’ve read it indeed.

“NS8 clusters support a maximum of 4 nodes”

I was just wondering why max 4?

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This is not a real technical limitation. We think that managing more nodes could be tricky in case of a new leader election.

Probably we could raise the limits when we have more experience on various real scenarios.
For now, we have a 3-nodes cluster on production since few months. :slight_smile:


Fair enough!


I recall the day where we read that we have a ns7 in an university of romania with 4000 users in LDAP, it was far more that we could even imagine…

who knows where you can push the limits…we program, you use.