Number of max nodes NS8


I recall reading that the maximum number of nodes on a NS8 cluster is 4. Out of simply curiosity, what is the rationale behind this (if true), was this intentionally, are there other limitations?

Just asking :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s where I’ve read it indeed.

“NS8 clusters support a maximum of 4 nodes”

I was just wondering why max 4?

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This is not a real technical limitation. We think that managing more nodes could be tricky in case of a new leader election.

Probably we could raise the limits when we have more experience on various real scenarios.
For now, we have a 3-nodes cluster on production since few months. :slight_smile:


Fair enough!


I recall the day where we read that we have a ns7 in an university of romania with 4000 users in LDAP, it was far more that we could even imagine…

who knows where you can push the limits…we program, you use.


Bumping this one for I am curious again.

Let’s say I want to have a cluster with many nodes, each for one ‘customer’, so, for example, I can use an email domain per node amongst other benefits/things. Let’s say each node has 25 users and I have 30 clients and growing.

What benefits do ‘you’ (the reader) see and what drawbacks?


4 nodes in a cluster IIRC

Yes, but then again:

Servercore Have been gracious enough to offer some significant sponsorship on Server and Infrastructure resources

I would be happy to test for maximum technically possible.

I have a Potential client who has 52 Branches Accross Africa, 12 of them in Kenya who i might to be looking to sell them on for some implementation,
I can test for that Scenario of 52 Node Cluster, and also realize how Much RAM and resources are required on the Leader node, and if its a shared resource to achieve this, or if the workload is lef on the leader node

I am not unfamiliar with such scenarios, hence my question.

Is it only this? Guessing/exploring



A internal testing was made and it’s been agreed that 3 nodes might be a good upper limit for a cluster.

However the “real” limitation for now is a network limitation, the number of clients is limited to the subnet given to the VPN of the cluster, keep in mind that connectivity between leader and worker must be kept online as much as possible and adding 255 clients might be harsh for the leader.

Please be aware that I’ve not personally tested adding 3 workers to a leader, additional checks might prevent you do add a worker that surpasses the mentioned above limit, or nothing happens at all :man_shrugging:

A good topology for a cluster might be keeping a node in-house for applications that need faster network transfers and then keeping the rest of the nodes in a datacenter where you are less dependant on in-house connection status and the whole handling of the machine can be made by a 3rd party.

Let’s say I want to have a cluster with many nodes, each for one ‘customer’

A general suggestion is not to have a worker node per customer, is better to have a cluster per customer (even if with one node), this allows easier maintenance and more security between companies (if a node is hacked, the whole cluster might be attacked)

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Why not a use on your own risk switch to remove the 4 node limit?

Exactly my sentiments,

I have a law firm with systems running NS7 at the moment, they have 6 brnaches within the company, My thinking has been to upgrade their experience with NS8 and what it offers, gives me that opportunity, Now i am left retracing myself afte ri have sold them the idea on why we must upgrade to NS8 and the new avenues it provides.

Equally we have a real estate firm with branches literally across all town, NS8 was selling me the idea of being able to AD-lyze their offices, with a 4 Node Limit might be a challenge, unless we use the Data centre route alone, But that would mean, they must have reduntant internet, which is never a priority for most businesses, despite not being 100% stable.

so remove the limts, we will help stress test, and provide pointers.

Otherwise, then why did we re-engineer NS8 if we cant fully push the limits.

Well mate you have kubernetes for that :wink:

I had a 5 nodes cluster for a while and the world didn’t finish.

Now it’s 4 nodes again and it’s running fine.


I endorse this suggestion. Maybe even a cluster controller just like NethSecurity has!