NTP time sync is wrong

At 23:19 when I “sync with browser”, it sets the local time to 21:19 and sync with NTP server sets it to 22:19:

After sync with browser the new local time is shown immediately. Sync with NTP server needs a page refresh to show the new local time.


After a reboot of the VM, both time sync methods worked correctly.


I can’t reproduce this, but I’m quite sure there could be something wrong in the page.

I’ve opened a card to track it down: Trello

@Tbaile could you please give it a try?

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UI per-se is fine, the issue is a wrong backend call, adding the exact location in the trello card.

This is still a weird issue, the service is enabled and configured to reload after any changes to system configuration, which clearly is changed when you update the timezone.