Ntopng: newer version available

Just a heads up… ntopng informs about the availability of a new version:

Even when I don’t use it I ask if the current edition (Enterprise) is the expected one for NethServer.
EDIT: answering my own question, I see Enterprise version is a trial that switches to community version when expired.

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Thank you for pointing that out, we already knew about the new ntopng release but we decided to not upgrade the NS package.

The upstream project releases an RPM which requires many compilation dependencies like gcc. We think this is not a good idea and almost useless in most scenarios.
Last year, after months of work with the upstream project, we got a good RPM build without such dependencies. But with the new release, bad dependencies are back.

We are going to support the current ntopng version for all the NS 7 lifecycle, but the package will not be updated.

Then the next question arises immediately: What is going to be chosen as replacement for ntopng (for NS8)?
If NethServer wants to stay a competitive gatewaye solution, a traffic monitor is an absolute must.
Could zabbix take that role?

I’m testing Netify (https://www.netify.ai/) in production since last July.
I think it’s the right tool.


Just stumbled upon ntopng news informing of an enhancement to include native support of Suricata generated events (I’m not advocating for one or another, just decided it was not worth to open a new topic):

Yes, great. But $ 300 a year.
It is better to once nTopng