Ntopng 3 on NethServer

Hi folks,
I’d like to let you know that @giacomo did some work on the ntopng integration together with ntop guys, Luca Deri and Simone Mainardi.

We have achieved some goals thanks to this collaboration:

  • improve the upstream packages replacing the current ntopng-pcap
  • the “Bandwidth usage” page of the Server Manager will display aggregated data from all enabled interfaces.
  • Top Talkers panel in the WebUI based on ntopNG
  • possibility to subscribe ntopng pro license on NethServer
  • every restart you can use ntopng pro for 10 minutes

@davide_marini has already tested the packages but I invite you to try ntop andprovide us feedback
I’d like to know your feelings, it’s a good project and it can help NethServer take the next level in the field of Packet Capture, Traffic Recording, Network Probe and Traffic Analysis


Great work :clap: