NS8 Webtop not working (Platform is under maintenance)

I installed webtop 5.21.3 from the software page of ns8 today 2/2/2024. After install I get the webtop login page, but it states Platform is under maintenance. Access is allowed for system administrator only. Also the admin/admin username and password combination are not working (as per the ns8 manual) and no users can log in.

Is there a fix for this? or do I need to bite the bullet and revert to thunderbird to get mail for my 25 odd users.


Matt (the slow turtle who really wants to love ns8 but is finding it as frustrating as he is slow)

what base os are you using

di you install from iso or into os,

is testing repo enabled on your server , if yes, what veersion are you on?

Debian 12 as Rocky Linux failed on the samba on reboot. Found the debian 12 more stable. Running on proxmox, vm has 8 cores, 24GB RAM, 1TB storage.

is testing enable don your server

No :pensive: Just the standard repos.