NS8 Webtop 5 - no admin login

NethServer Version: NS8B1
Module: Webtop 5 (1.0.2)

Is testing beta-version of Nethserver 8 and found a problem I think. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if I’m doing it wrong. I have setup connection to external AD (Synology, which is working with Nethserver 7.9), and installed mail server module (1.2.0-git.10.gb73cd7c) and Webtop 5 (1.0.2). The result is following:

Login as admin with password admin (as described in manual: WebTop groupware — NS8 documentation (nethserver.org)) is not possible. Login page says: “Authentication failed. Please try again.”. System logs shows the following: “webtop2 Caused by: org.apache.shiro.authz.AuthorizationException: com.sonicle.webtop.core.app.sdk.WTNotFoundException: SID not found for ‘admin@*’”

Login as AD-user is possible but no apps is showing. Only the webtop “frame”, settings and the home-button is showing. No email or anything else. In the logs I can see this: “com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 450 4.1.1” and it is using “user@ad.domain.se” and not the real e-mailadress: “user@domain.se”.

So my question is where to begin?

Hi @Kim_Sanfridsson

AFAIK, NS8 will ONLY accept itself as AD for the moment, a Windows AD or anything else (like an exotic Synology AD) won’t work! This is at least valid for Beta1. Later releases may allow more options…

See here, the last post…

Note: I use Synology a lot for my clients, and it works well. Biut then, I’d NEVER use a Synology as AD! I use it as Storage, and a very few Apps (on private Synology NAS).

Some Synology Apps work well, and are well designed and are usable, others, like for example the DNS Server is hardly usable. A random Hostname for the DNS Server which you can’t set, even as administrator? An extremly kludgy interface, not friendly if you need to maintain 10-20 DNS entries…

The very popular Media Apps: Photos, Audio Station and Video work fairly OK, albeit a bit slow. Using eg Jellyfin on the same NAS shows a much more responsive Interface and works well!

My 2 cents

Yes, it is expected to work!

True only if used as SMB file server for Shared folders.

External AD account provider should work for Webtop and other modules.


Thanks for the correction!

My 2 cents

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Thanks for input, I’ll wait for the next release and see if that works instead.