NS8 Webserver virtual host permanent redirect

I would like to set up permanent redirect for a virtual host.


https://vhost/ui redirect to http://domain.tld:Port/ui

Can someone please help me how I can implement this.

Many thanks.


Maybe this helps Redirections in HTTP - HTTP | MDN

Thank you very much, I had already found and read that, unfortunately I don’t know where to insert the changes.
In Apache there is the .htaccess, in nginx it works via the nginx.conf, but where can I find this file and is it the right file for the changes?

Maybe @stephdl can provide a quick assist. Out of my league, sorry.

This is the job of traefik go to settings > http route


@Niwre FYI Proxy — NS8 documentation

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@stephdl @LayLow Thank you, sometimes the solution is so close and you just don’t see it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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