NS8-SOGo released in beta

Well you asked it and the NethServer team does it, a big hug to all shadow soldiers

enable forge : https://forge.nethserver.org/ns8/updates/

  1. install an account provider and configure it
  2. install a mail server and configure it
  3. install SOGo and link it to the mail server with the relevant mail domain (domain.com) you want to use for the user email address (user@domain.com) and to the LDAP user account to authenticate user

For now few changes

  • you cannot use the complete email address to authenticate, use user
  • we have disabled the internal addressbook it might come back later
  • you can install as many SOGo instance you need
  • the documentation is coming (merged but not released I need to check why)
  • The sogo-server container is under NethServer team


Thank you!
I just installed it on my test server, and it seems to work well. I managed to manually restore data into the NS8 sogo instance from a different sogo installation on a plain Debian server, and everything seems to be working fine during a quick test.
I will continue testing and report back in case I identify issues.



I need to finish the migration so it is a good news that the manual migration performs well

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Kudos to @stephdl , excellent work! :clap:


Another question: In case I want to change some SOGo settings (e.g. SOGoAppointmentSendEMailNotifications or SOGoMailAuxiliaryUserAccountsEnabled), how can I do that in a persistent way? Is it ok to change it directly in the /etc/sogo/sogo.conf in the sogo-app container, or will it be overwritten with updates of the app?

For now you modify the environment file and you restart sogo

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Hi @stephdl and all,

I was used to have NS7 Sogo available at “mail.mydomain.com” directly. When entering this FQDN into the SOGo NS8 settings, it defaults to “mail.mydomain.com/SOGo/”, so a trailing subdirectory, can this be adjusted back to the given FQDN only please?


Hi @stephdl and all,

Inquiring only, is the SOGo instance label going to be added in a later stage pls?


Not sure to understand so please reformulate if I am not on your mind

the trailing /SOGo is a mandatory, so we force to rewrite it at the end, but you can go to sogo by


relevant to your dns vhost name, during the migration process we ask to you what will be the new vhost name you want to use, you can use the same but after the migration you have to change the A or AAAA dns field


i think what he was alluding to wa, if its possible to get to sogo by using the mail server hostname

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