NS8 Show progress when manually using add-module in CLI terminal


As per title, it would be nice to see the progress of the installation process. Now, after issuing ‘add-module…’ the cursor just sits there and there is no feedback. People may be tempted to touch the keyboard…

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Lots of package managers are too much on the wordy side, however they tell you “dude, there’s something goin’ on here”.

The add-module command is for development. Developers can take a coffee if the module download takes a while.

On the UI side, recent Podman releases should have improved the download progress API, maybe some day we’ll see smoother download progress.


Ok, fair enough. In the mean time, since all my servers are in a remote cloud I kinda suggest to use ‘tmux’ accessing the CLI remotely.

dnf install tmux
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That’s my point, one does not know anything at all :wink:

Does it have any advantage over screen? Seems it has less features…
Why not just use screen? It works for several years now…

My 2 cents

I use Rocky and “screen” is being replaced by “tmux” by Redhat and others. Screen is being considered too old and no longer available via a normal dnf of yum command.


I have my reasons for disliking anything from RedHat, this explains enough for me…
Thx for the info.

I’m in the process for removing anything RedHat from all client systems, as none of my clients explictly need any RedHat base for anything. The last RedHat element removed will be NS7.

Linux, like all open source frees anyone from any obligations to use anything or anything as specified, and I made the cohice not to trust RedHat or IBM.

My 2 cents

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FWIW I stick to Rocky simply because I have no specific bistro emotion and it is the preferred distro of Nethsesis. My best chance to get support or understanding of a great team.

And tmux is available on all distro’s.

As I added in, you’re free to do so, no reasons needed! :slight_smile:

But I still hope we can both be part of the great NethServer team in future.

My 2 cents

I do admit having my favorite Bistros, but also my favorite Distros… :slight_smile:

If we could choose… :slight_smile: