NS8: same FQDN and HTTP Route on multiple instances

Maybe it is not a bug, as this behaviour could be expected for cloned instances… and there might be some scenarios were this could be used. I really don’t know.

  • There is no track of repeated FQDN / HTTP Routes.
  • Any new instance can be assigned the same FQDN as an existing one. EDIT: i think this is implemented module by module, not globally.
  • Cloning an instance (same node) also clones the FQDN / HTTP Route, colliding with the original one.
  • A deleted instance restored from backup can have the same FQDN as an existing one.
  • Accessing the FQDN shows one of the instances but the other ones are “unreachable”.

Yes you got the point: it is wanted. When a new route is added the check could be strong, whilst in other scenarios no check must be enforced at all.

Step by step I’m turning into a parrot :slight_smile: