NS8 Roadmap? (RC2?)

Did I miss the roadmap somewhere?
Since we are in RC cycle, I guess there is a plan at least for when RC2 is coming and a rough estimation of Release?

Also, is smarthost functionality coming to RC2 (and upgrade wizard)?

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There will be no rc2 announcement. The stable ns8 core will be released in the upcoming weeks, probably after Fosdem.

The development progress is tracked here: NethServer 8 · GitHub

Smarthost is a Mail module feature, not core. It is important but not for now, you’ve to wait a bit more.

Upgrade wizard? If you mean the migration tool it is already released.


Thanks for the reply.

Smarthost is very important for some of us. For example my hosting provider actually demands I smarthost from my ISP instead of their own server.
I understand it is not core (although weirdly enough it is NOT in mail module of NS7 but in its main config).

Yes I mean migration tool and I know it is released. I meant include smarthost config porting in that tool.

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