NS8: Remember to reconfigure backup for restored App instances

After restoring an App (that had been scheduled for backups) to a new instance, we have to remember to include it again in the backup task (if we want to keep backups of it), because the instance name is different than the original one.

Normal when you restore an app to a new instance while the original source app remains on the node. If source app was removed and then restored to a new instance, it does not retain backup configuration, possibly because the instance name differs and by removing the original app the backup task for it was also removed.

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@davidep would it be possible to. Implement, update backup procedure with new app name.

Or simpler

Notification for. Remember to re-create backup after restore

for a module you have module_ID like samba1 but also module_UUID (random string), IIRC the ID of a module is based on UUID

what is occurring if you restore by replacing the module, you have a checkbox in the select widget ?

If I recall correctly, when marking the checkbox to replace current module with the one from backup, it gets a new module_ID but retains the module_UUID.

confirmed, even if we replace the module by its restoration the module_ID is updated and obviously the backup is not set for this nex module_id cc @davidep

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@LayLow was this your experience with dolibarr app?

I concur with @dnutan

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another edge case could be:

  1. configure backup for instance1
  2. create backup of instance1
  3. later on, disable backup schedule for instance1
  4. some days later, do in-place restore of instance1 from backup (for …reasons)

Which one would be the correct setting? Having backup scheduled or not? Probably the former…

But if backup is independent from instances, who shall track the info?

Whoosh @dnutan this starting to get more complex

Surely being a PITA is far from my intention, just trying to think about possible scenarios.
Backup status is notified on a card on each app instance. If backup isn’t configured, at least for first install, a notification slides in remembering about it.
A note on the restore modal window could be enough for some to call it a day.

Which is a good thing as Nethserver 8 becomes more popular and many tools and users make their way in, proper handling of these (noob) user actions would reduce many support requests

The UI already displays this note: isn’t that enough?

not really @davidep the one shown is a geenralised notification. in this case is specific for the restore backup procedure

After restoring an app there is no new notification to configure a backup for it.

Could be for some and not for others. Now that I know it for me would be enough, but before knowing it made me question some user won’t notice immediately.
Now that you mention it, I notice the number of not backed apps isn’t refreshed after app restore unless refreshing the page. Same with the list/number of instances on the backup schedule box.

The link “Schedule backup” from that warning message box (“Apps not backed up”), once opened automatically selects all not backed up apps but the restored one (unless the page is refreshed).

Another question: When is the “whole cluster restore” offered?
On the restore page only see an option to restore one app at a time:

AFAIK, the cluster restore is only offered when configuring a new cluster, but I could be wrong.
No big deal, just the information popup could be a bit misleading.

But there are more important things than these trifles.

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