NS8 readiness / NS8 under PVE

For a long time I’ve been wanting to set up an NS system.

Now I’m almost ready to do that and I’m excited to be able to go straight to NS8 whose architecture seems so much more appropriate.

But first of all I’m concerned about the process. If I start setting up NS8 with b1 is there a significant possibility that I won’t be able to upgrade it to the stable (RC) version? Or even that an NS backup from the beta and restore on a clean RC won’t work?

Also I’d like to confirm my understanding of the relationship between NS8 and a hypervisor it runs under (PVE in my case):

I should be setting up relatively large VMs as NS8 nodes under PVE (on one or more hosts), and the collection of nodes will manage the containers they are running internally? And any non-NS containers/VMs I want to run will probably be handled directly and separately under PVE?


Upgrades from Beta to RC and Stable is supported (Release notes — NS8 documentation). You might need to run some manual procedures.

Please note that Beta 2 will be released very soon (tomorrow, maybe).

It’s possible, but we’d consider such situation like a bug to fix.

Yes, NS8 containers run under a NS8 node.


You’re welcome!