Ns8 rc1 Webtop could not see mailservers

Hi @savetec,

did you install the mail server before?



Screenshot 2023-11-23 212450

New user case scenario? Webtop container for third party mailserver? :innocent:

@pike dont know how to tickport mailserver using ssh? This is what you dont know?

I installed domain, mailserver etc. and this part works fine.
So Webtop should show the available mailserver(s)?

Normally yes. I will test it tomorrow.



supposed that webtop is the first installed : webtop1

what are the output of :

api-cli run module/webtop1/get-configuration

api-cli run module/webtop1/get-defaults

I assume that the mail stack is configured and you can send/receive email

do you have the same behaviour with roundcubemail,we have a similar action

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Hi @savetec,

The installation runs here without any problems. Webtop can be connected to the mail server without problems.



Good morning

api-cli run module/webtop2/get-configuration:

Warning: using user “cluster” credentials from the environment
{“hostname”: “”, “request_https_certificate”: false, “locale”: “en_US”, “timezone”: “Etc/UTC”, “mail_module”: “”, “mail_domain”: “”, “webapp”: {“debug”: false, “min_memory”: 512, “max_memory”: 1024}, “webdav”: {“debug”: false, “loglevel”: “ERROR”}, “zpush”: {“loglevel”: “ERROR”}}

api-cli run module/roundcubemail1/get-configuration:

{“host”: “”, “http2https”: false, “lets_encrypt”: false, “mail_server”: “”, “mail_domain”: “”, “plugins”: “”, “upload_max_filesize”: “10”, “mail_server_URL”: []}
[root@neth01 ~]#

api-cli run module/webtop2/get-defaults:

Warning: using user “cluster” credentials from the environment
{“mail_modules_id”: [], “accepted_timezone_list”: [{“name”: “Africa/Abidjan”, “l abel”: “Africa/Abidjan”, “value”: “Africa/Abidjan”}, {“name”: “Africa/Accra”, “l abel”: “Africa/Accra”, “value”: “Africa/Accra”}, {“name”: “Africa/Addis_Ababa”, “label”: “Africa/Addis_Ababa”, “value”: “Africa/Addis_Ababa”}, {“name”: “Africa/ Algiers”, “label”: “Africa/Algiers”, “value”: “Africa/Algiers”}, {“name”: “Afric a/Asmara”, “label”: “Africa/Asmara”, “value”: “Africa/Asmara”}, {“name”: “Africa /Asmera”, “label”: “Africa/Asmera”, “value”: “Africa/Asmera”}, {“name”: “Africa/ Bamako”, “label”: “Africa/Bamako”, “value”: “Africa/Bamako”}, {“name”: “Africa/B angui”, “label”: “Africa/Bangui”, “value”: “Africa/Bangui”}, {“name”: “Africa/Ba njul”, “label”: “Africa/Banjul”, “value”: “Africa/Banjul”}, {“name”: “Africa/Bis sau”, “label”: “Africa/Bissau”, “value”: “Africa/Bissau”}, {“name”: “Africa/Blan tyre”, “label”: “Africa/Blantyre”, “value”: “Africa/Blantyre”}, {“name”: “Africa /Brazzaville”, “label”: “Africa/Brazzaville”, “value”: “Africa/Brazzaville”}, {" name": “Africa/Bujumbura”, “label”: “Africa/Bujumbura”, “value”: “Africa/Bujumbu ra”}, {“name”: “Africa/Cairo”, “label”: “Africa/Cairo”, “value”: “Africa/Cairo”} , {“name”: “Africa/Casablanca”, “label”: “Africa/Casablanca”, “value”: “Africa/C asablanca”}, {“name”: “Africa/Ceuta”, “label”: “Africa/Ceuta”, “value”: “Africa/ Ceuta”}, {“name”: “Africa/Conakry”, “label”: “Africa/Conakry”, “value”: “Africa/ Conakry”}, {“name”: “Africa/Dakar”, “label”: “Africa/Dakar”, “value”: “Africa/Da kar”}, {“name”: “Africa/Dar_es_Salaam”, “label”: “Africa/Dar_es_Salaam”, “value” : “Africa/Dar_es_Salaam”}, {“name”: “Africa/Djibouti”, “label”: "Africa/Djibouti ", “value”: “Africa/Djibouti”}, {“name”: “Africa/Douala”, “label”: “Africa/Doual a”, “value”: “Africa/Douala”}, {“name”: “Africa/El_Aaiun”, “label”: “Africa/El_A aiun”, “value”: “Africa/El_Aaiun”}, {“name”: “Africa/Freetown”, “label”: “Africa /Freetown”, “value”: “Africa/Freetown”}, {“name”: “Africa/Gaborone”, “label”: “A frica/Gaborone”, “value”: “Africa/Gaborone”}, {“name”: “Africa/Harare”, “label”: “Africa/Harare”, “value”: “Africa/Harare”}, {“name”: “Africa/Johannesburg”, “la bel”: “Africa/Johannesburg”, “value”: “Africa/Johannesburg”}, {“name”: “Africa/J uba”, “label”: “Africa/Juba”, “value”: “Africa/Juba”}, {“name”: “Africa/Kampala” , “label”: “Africa/Kampala”, “value”: “Africa/Kampala”}, {“name”: “Africa/Kharto um”, “label”: “Africa/Khartoum”, “value”: “Africa/Khartoum”}, {“name”: “Africa/K igali”, “label”: “Africa/Kigali”, “value”: “Africa/Kigali”}, {“name”: “Africa/Ki nshasa”, “label”: “Africa/Kinshasa”, “value”: “Africa/Kinshasa”}, {“name”: “Afri ca/Lagos”, “label”: “Africa/Lagos”, “value”: “Africa/Lagos”}, {“name”: “Africa/L ibreville”, “label”: “Africa/Libreville”, “value”: “Africa/Libreville”}, {“name” : “Africa/Lome”, “label”: “Africa/Lome”, “value”: “Africa/Lome”}, {“name”: “Afri ca/Luanda”, “label”: “Africa/Luanda”, “value”: “Africa/Luanda”}, {“name”: “Afric a/Lubumbashi”, “label”: “Africa/Lubumbashi”, “value”: “Africa/Lubumbashi”}, {“na me”: “Africa/Lusaka”, “label”: “Africa/Lusaka”, “value”: “Africa/Lusaka”}, {“nam e”: “Africa/Malabo”, “label”: “Africa/Malabo”, “value”: “Africa/Malabo”}, {"name ": “Africa/Maputo”, “label”: “Africa/Maputo”, “value”: “Africa/Maputo”}, {“name” : “Africa/Maseru”, “label”: “Africa/Maseru”, “value”: “Africa/Maseru”}, {“name”: “Africa/Mbabane”, “label”: “Africa/Mbabane”, “value”: “Africa/Mbabane”}, {"name ": “Africa/Mogadishu”, “label”: “Africa/Mogadishu”, “value”: “Africa/Mogadishu”} , {“name”: “Africa/Monrovia”, “label”: “Africa/Monrovia”, “value”: “Africa/Monro via”}, {“name”: “Africa/Nairobi”, “label”: “Africa/Nairobi”, “value”: “Africa/Na irobi”}, {“name”: “Africa/Ndjamena”, “label”: “Africa/Ndjamena”, “value”: “Afric a/Ndjamena”}, {“name”: “Africa/Niamey”, “label”: “Africa/Niamey”, “value”: “Afri ca/Niamey”}, {“name”: “Africa/Nouakchott”, “label”: “Africa/Nouakchott”, “value” : “Africa/Nouakchott”}, {“name”: “Africa/Ouagadougou”, “label”: “Africa/Ouagadou gou”, “value”: “Africa/Ouagadougou”}, {“name”: “Africa/Porto-Novo”, “label”: “Af rica/Porto-Novo”, “value”: “Africa/Porto-Novo”}, {“name”: “Africa/Sao_Tome”, “la bel”: “Africa/Sao_Tome”, “value”: “Africa/Sao_Tome”}, {“name”: “Africa/Timbuktu” , “label”: “Africa/Timbuktu”, “value”: “Africa/Timbuktu”}, {“name”: “Africa/Trip oli”, “label”: “Africa/Tripoli”, “value”: “Africa/Tripoli”}, {“name”: “Africa/Tu nis”, “label”: “Africa/Tunis”, “value”: “Africa/Tunis”}, {“name”: “Africa/Windho ek”, “label”: “Africa/Windhoek”, “value”: “Africa/Windhoek”}, {“name”: “America/ Adak”, “label”: “America/Adak”, “value”: “America/Adak”}, {“name”: “America/Anch orage”, “label”: “America/Anchorage”, “value”: “America/Anchorage”}, {“name”: “A merica/Anguilla”, “label”: “America/Anguilla”, “value”: “America/Anguilla”}, {“n ame”: “America/Antigua”, “label”: “America/Antigua”, “value”: “America/Antigua”} , {“name”: “America/Araguaina”, “label”: “America/Araguaina”, “value”: “America/ Araguaina”}, {“name”: “America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires”, “label”: “America/Argent ina/Buenos_Aires”, “value”: “America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires”}, {“name”: “America /Argentina/Catamarca”, “label”: “America/Argentina/Catamarca”, “value”: “America /Argentina/Catamarca”}, {“name”: “America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia”, “label”: “A merica/Argentina/ComodRivadavia”, “value”: “America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia”}, {“name”: “America/Argentina/Cordoba”, “label”: “America/Argentina/Cordoba”, “val ue”: “America/Argentina/Cordoba”}, {“name”: “America/Argentina/Jujuy”, “label”: “America/Argentina/Jujuy”, “value”: “America/Argentina/Jujuy”}, {“name”: “Americ a/Argentina/La_Rioja”, “label”: “America/Argentina/La_Rioja”, “value”: “America/ Argentina/La_Rioja”}, {“name”: “America/Argentina/Mendoza”, “label”: “America/Ar gentina/Mendoza”, “value”: “America/Argentina/Mendoza”}, {“name”: “America/Argen tina/Rio_Gallegos”, “label”: “America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos”, “value”: “America /Argentina/Rio_Gallegos”}, {“name”: “America/Argentina/Salta”, “label”: “America /Argentina/Salta”, “value”: “America/Argentina/Salta”}, {“name”: “America/Argent ina/San_Juan”, “label”: “America/Argentina/San_Juan”, “value”: “America/Argentin a/San_Juan”}, {“name”: “America/Argentina/San_Luis”, “label”: “America/Argentina /San_Luis”, “value”: “America/Argentina/San_Luis”}, {“name”: “America/Argentina/ Tucuman”, “label”: “America/Argentina/Tucuman”, “value”: “America/Argentina/Tucu man”}, {“name”: “America/Argentina/Ushuaia”, “label”: "America/Argentina/Ushuaia “, “value”: “America/Argentina/Ushuaia”}, {“name”: “America/Aruba”, “label”: “Am erica/Aruba”, “value”: “America/Aruba”}, {“name”: “America/Asuncion”, “label”: " America/Asuncion”, “value”: “America/Asuncion”}, …

mail stack is configured and we can send/receive email

same behaviour on roundcubemail, you cannot see the list of mail server available on your cluster

“mail_server_URL”: []

what about ?

[root@R3-pve ~]# redis-cli> keys *srv/tcp/imap*> keys module/mail1/srv/tcp/imap
1) "module/mail1/srv/tcp/imap"> hgetall module/mail1/srv/tcp/imap
 1) "port"
 2) "143"
 3) "host"
 4) ""
 5) "node"
 6) "1"
 7) "user_domain"
 8) "directory.nh"
 9) "module_uuid"
10) "389ae6f2-1f0d-4fe9-87db-8388397bfbf4"
11) "mail_hostname"
12) "r3-pve.rocky9-pve3.org"

I assume your mail server is mail1

[root@neth01 ~]# redis-cli> keys srv/tcp/imap

  1. “module/mail1/srv/tcp/imap”> hgetall module/mail1/srv/tcp/imap
  2. “port”
  3. “143”
  4. “host”
  5. “”
  6. “node”
  7. “1”
  8. “user_domain”
  9. ad.savetec.net
  10. “module_uuid”
  11. “344bcd78-71ea-4717-979a-03491bbaa3b6”
  12. “mail_hostname”
  13. “mail.bergfrieden.com.py”>

Today I did a new installation from Scratch with Rocky9. Same result.

2023-11-28T13:06:00-03:00 [1:webtop1:quirky_bohr] VST
2023-11-28T13:06:00-03:00 [1:webtop1:agent@webtop1] task/module/webtop1/8d2d48f7-0816-4dbf-8ec2-989bab61e7b5: action “get-defaults” status is “completed” (0) at step 20readconfig
2023-11-28T13:06:01-03:00 [1:webtop1:agent@webtop1] task/module/webtop1/fdbfa58f-290c-48e7-8baa-d9685d6d5c45: get-configuration/20readconfig is starting
2023-11-28T13:06:01-03:00 [1:webtop1:agent@webtop1] task/module/webtop1/fdbfa58f-290c-48e7-8baa-d9685d6d5c45: action “get-configuration” status is “completed” (0) at step validate-output.json

what is you installation, VM, bare metal, what hypervisor, what ressources (CPU/RAM) do you give to the VM/baremetal
how did you install it, bare ROCKY9 then you started the script, you used the preinstalled image ?

something you did is wrong and probably duplicated twice, it works on our side

ssdnodes.com VPS with Rocky9.0, 6 vCPUs, 24GB RAM, all resources for Nethserver
Installation with your description Installation — NS8 documentation

The ressources are not the issues. The provider should be inspected I think it could be the key


Not sure but a fun fqdn

After reinstalling only the Mailserver-part without deinstalling the Webtop-module I tried with success several different domains. Also my com.py-domains are working now!


Ok ping if it comes back. But it is something weird

After moving the mailserver to another server with more storage I have again the same error: Settings from Webtop do not see my mailserver.
I updated PTR, /etc/hosts also with the name of the mailserver
Where is Webtop looking if a mailserver will exists?
Same problem with Roundcube (only installed for tests)

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