NS8 Question about Samba Shares, email and directory

I am investigating NS8 and wondering if it fits. My use case is as a NAS and email server for a number of users. From what I have read, if I want to us Samba shares I must use Samba AD for users. Does this then force my to use Active Directory on my LAN or can I still use the shares without requiring users to log on to the domain, i.e good old-fashioned samba file shares.

On the same line, how does it work with email?


Hi and welcome to NethServer Community,

The client devices don’t need to be joined to the domain. They can browse the shares by using a previously created samba domain user like SAMBADOMAIN\username and password. Guest access isn’t implemented when in samba AD mode, see “FAQ - SambaWiki

It’s possible to create mailboxes out of the AD users/groups but it’s also possible to define custom addresses, see Mail server — NS8 documentation