Ns8-postgresql needs testers

Hello mates

I would be pleased if you can help me to test ns8-postgresql because I add some breaking changes

  • PgAdmin uses unix socket to connect to database
  • We can connect from a node of the cluster, postgresql is not restricted to be reachable only from the node
  • a random string is created for the upgrade and for the first installation for the postgres’s password

Since we can login from outside the node (but from the cluster) I needed a more stronger password

The post is not opened inside the firewall so you cannot connect outside the cluster, it is possible of course but we need encryption


Hello @stephdl what are the test cases we are looking at?

On the github issue

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HEllo @stephdl, Maybe unnecessary, But I think Also Important.

We are dealing with multi node deployments of tools and solutions like Pgsql in this case.

we have the database connector being Pgadmin.

From my Current understanding on usage, its possible to access more than one Pgsql instance with pgadmin.

Wouldnt it be wiser to have the two seprated? that way, no mater how many Pgsql Instances to be installed, a single Pgadmin instance could be installed to manage them all.

Also considering multi node, I could have a one hosting db, another one hosting pgadmin

This way, the db is essentiall not readily available with UI because its been installed.

what do you think?