Ns8-pihole needs testers

to instal add-module ghcr.io/stephdl/pihole:1.0.0-dev.2
a test is done to prevent the configuration if the 53 ports are used by other module, no way, install pihole on another node
then you can configure a vhost with a password and optional dns server

normally the port 53 is opened to outside, you can test locally by querying
host google.com or from external (change

to use pihole set by dhcp the ns8 as the dhcp server of your network, if you need it you can set optional dns to use for example samba AD if needed.

For now no dhcp…we can use it later if needed


Just to clarify, this PiHole will need to be installed on a second node and thus essentiall on a second server?

you cannot install if on the node you have already a DNS server running, no dns masq with DNS server, no AD

however to push to use pihole as the dns server, you must have an active dhcp server and set to use pihole as THE DNS server of your network

Thanks for the clarification

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no idea no failures well it is not possible I shot well at the first attempt, you never tried it

HI @stephdl, apologies that I have been quiet for the past week, been fairly busy.

I’m still trying to get my hands on some additional hardware to give it a test.

As soon as I have had a chance to test it, I’ll let you know what the results are.

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Time to put those mini pc I have been stocking up to nice use.