NS8 Nextcloud 'page not found'

I have a fresh installation of ns8 on rocky linux 9.2 with one nextcloud instance installed. And I got it configured as ‘cloud.hassun.xyz’ with Letsencrypt certificate.
But the page cannot be reached: ‘404 page not found’. Any help appreciated.

Moin Ralph,

may be the same problem like hier ?



Hi Uwe,

I made an update from the testing repo including the traefik package.
No change.


Reboot done?

Try “nextcloud” instead of “cloud”.
Also, you must have a record for the “cloud” or “nextcloud” host on the DNS server

That’s a joke?

Yes, I know. That’s all correct.There must be something wrong with traefik.

I didn’t mean that.
I set it directly with “nextcloud” and it’s ok (I can’t “attach” the “collabora” server, but that’s another discussion).
I will also try with “cloud”.
I said this because, in one of the modules (I don’t remember exactly which one) it didn’t want to accept a password containing special characters. I thought that since it was still in the testing period, it would not be very flexible with the settings.

I installed a new nextcloud session with “cloud” and it works.

Lucky man! Are you on rockylinux or on debian?

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Rocky Linux

After all I installed in a new Proxmox VM the rocky linux ns8 image. After setting up the cluster for node 1 I installed nextcloud as the one and only app. It got configured, the database exists and is online but the result is: 404 page not found.
What for heaven’s sake might be wrong here?
The VM sits in a DMZ behind a pfsense firewall, and the nextcloud fqdn is forwarded via haproxy to the ns8 VM’s ip. Does that give any idea?
Does anybody else have similar problems?

This is mysterious. I have a similar configuration running here. However, with AlmaLinux as the base framework. On top of that NS8 with NC, Mail, Webtop, Mattermost and DokuWiki. And except for the problem with Trafik a few days ago, this is all running smoothly.



I have the same configuration and am having the same problem. Any update on this?

Did you give a different browser a try? You never know…

I have the same problem. Running NS8 in Rocky Linux as VM on Proxmox. In front a VM with Pfsense, doing ssl passthrough with haproxy. On other VM webservers I had the same problem, but could solve that with additional settings in nginx on those webservers:

listen 443 ssl http2 proxy_protocol;
set_real_ip_from; #ip-address of pfsense
real_ip_header proxy_protocol;

On NS8 traefik is listening on ports 80 and 443, so I don’t know how to solve this in traefik. Hope this points someone in the right direction for a solution.

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