NS8 Nextcloud ns.config.php same as defaults in config.php


The separate ns.config.php of a standard Nextcloud instance contains the same parameters already present in the default config.php. The ns.config.php file is included in the parameters already present in config.php so it is useless?. Any specific reason for this pls?


Hi @LayLow

Without being a programmer, I’d still say it’s needed. One is (could be) a template for newer instances, which would still need to know about the master node and be able to connect. They will get a newer name (ID) when “provisioned”, but a lot of the initial template can be reused…

My 2 cents


I have 3 instances, and the ns.config.php are all the same. Let’s see, I simply noticed it, just reporting :wink:

The config file is there to impose correct defaults, like where to send logs, for all instances. :wink: