NS8 Nextcloud Logfiles - Cannot connect with my iPhone

Hi all,

I am able to login to Nextcloud with my Browser on my PC but it is not possible with my iPhone…

I would like to check the logfiles of Nextcloud, how is it possible?


You can check the logfiles on the system log page but maybe you need to change the log level:

Set log level to debug:

runagent -m nextcloud1 occ log:manage --level=0

Set back to default log level warn:

runagent -m nextcloud1 occ log:manage --level=2

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OK :sweat: got it…

Problem 1 - the connection:
I had to generate a Server-Cert and upload it to NS8 and the iPhone to be able to get a connection.

Problem 2 - the password:
I figured out the Nextcloud-App on the iPhone doesnt like a particular (special) Character in my password.

Thank you Markus!

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