NS8 NethVoice & proxy

I see that Nethvoice and Nethvoice-proxy are available as modules in Software Center. :slight_smile:
Or is this due to having testing repo’s enabled, and no general availability yet?

Any (pre) documentation for testing purposes please?


Ok, I found this URL https://sub.mydomain.com/freepbx/ (entered via settings) that provides access to freePBX and the user portal. Correct?

and https://sub.mydomain.com/nethvoice/#/

and admin:Nethesis,1234 as the default admin user


Yep, this is only visible if you have enabled the testing repository, but currently, there is an open bug in the software center that shows the testing versions also if you don’t have enabled the testing repo.

Sorry, but at this stage of the Alpha there are no docs ready for testing, if you are interested, you can follow the development in these repositories:


Thanks. No English docs atm, but for those who want to try their luck can visit NS7 related Italian docs to get an idea only here Introduzione — NethVoice 14 (and use any on-line translate tools you like)

That will provide enough pointers to get you going, although Asterisk/FreePBX/Kamailo are not ‘click and forget’ products, but require a real game plan :slightly_smiling_face:

** warning ** wrong/bad configuration of trunks (SIP/TRUNK/PSTN configs) and modules like DISA may incur unintentional calling costs!! Use at your own risk.


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Indeed fixed by this update. Nethvoice/proxy now only appears when testing repo is active.

@Amygos i have noticed that the nethvoice module has some sort of jitsi intergations, Will jitsi and subsequently maybe jitsi meet become a supported core module for NEthserver?


NethVoice can be configured to use an external Jitsi server, you can also use the official public one. Currently, there is no plan for a Jitsi module made by Nethesis, but we are open to any community module :slight_smile:


@Amygos to be honest, while technically the community can build community modules, especially these kinds.

There are still honestly alot of old. Modules yet to be ported to NS8, alot of which were built by the community as well.

These are alot of expectations for the community on previously available module.

Am not trying to be a prick, just a sentiment I believe shared by alot of even previous module builders. My hope is that the internal dev would also dedicate some modules for NS8, especially previously supported ones so that the community could also focus on newer modules that could never be supported in ns7.

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