NS8-n8n: Nodemation module

Making Work Flow.

Building and Scaling Today’s modern business is hard, and this is because we have very many tools that we rely on on a day to day basis.

While these tools offer a way to Communicate to one Another Through API’s Not every company is a software development company.
Neither do these companies HAve a Budget to build and maintain custom integratiosn for the different tools they use to manage their business operations workflows.

Enter Drag and Drop Automation

Fortunately we Have a Solution. Zapier Came into the scene to solve just this problem And later came MAke and an Opensource VErsion came along

Low code/No code platforms like these revolutionized how businesses implemented collaboration, integration and communication between different business systems and platforms, and it was cool.

By just being Creative, Someone could automate multiple software and make them talk to each other behind the scenes just like magic. and Soon, people wanted the same for their self hosted Applications, And wanted to build their own integration workflows, and add API’s to their internall build systems. this is Where N8N came into the picture

N8N- Opensource Self Hostable Workflow Automation tool
n8n allows you to build flexible workflows focused on deep data integration. And with sharable templates and a user-friendly UI, the less technical people on your team can collaborate on them too. Unlike other tools, complexity is not a limitation. So you can build whatever you want — without stressing over budget.

I Am Happy to Announce that This is Now a Module in Nethserver. compgeniuses/ns8-n8n: Nethserver 8 Module for n8nio (github.com)

Installing N8N on NEthserver 8

  • SSH into your server
  • change to root user if not already. by running: su root
  • install the module by running the following command below:
add-module ghcr.io/compgeniuses/n8n:1.0.0-beta1

The Above Command Will pull and install the Module on your Nethserver instance

Once installed, NAviaget to your module and configure the hostname

Once installed, NAvigate to the Hostname, and Create the First USer.

then Login
you should be able to loign, and work on your Workflows

There is a number of pre-created templates that you can use

The rest of Information can be Found here: Workflows | n8n Docs

Ill be Happy to get feedback on your tests results for the for the module.


IS there anyone in the community Willing to test this tool and report their finding kindly, for addition into the Nethforge repo

Functionally, these tools all seem oriented to a software development company.

Like you say, others have neither time, know-how nor resources to use these tools and it serves also no purpose for them.

Please don’t go overcharged on tools for software developers. They don’t “really” NEED tools. After all, they can code!

Only people interested / working in programming will “build”…

My 2 cents

i built it for Nethserver 8 first because, I was Using it in my NEthserver 7.9 version, and since iw anted to migrate, it was only fair to built the tools i use in my NS7 instance first for Ns8, before attempting to migrate to Ns8.

I have since opted to list it for others members of the community, or future community members who might benefit from it and see value in it.

Infact non software compares that use many tools for their business would benefit more from it than software compares i presume.

I don’t think so, as they do not handle software or implementation.
Others do it for them…