NS8 Mysql phpmyadmin disable option


Once phpmyadmin is enabled through settings, there is no option to disable access or restrict access to local access only. For security reasons, I would like to be able to disable or enable access to phpmyadmin as I see fit.


no way to do it simply, we have no more this, we are not more a FW

yes this could be possible quite simple, no ETA, but we could think on it

I fill a card

Copy that, so enable/disable it is :wink:

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There should be a place to restict the access to the URL on the access page ???


Manually firewalld could do the trick but i guess it won’t be developed it is the work of the FW

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@stephdl I don’t really think we need FW to achieve this, do we. We have internal apps that do not have access to the outside, and even within the module architecture itself, some items within it are only accessible to the internals.

Making use of the configure app as well as the publish port env parameter, would it really not be possible to achieve and internal only access to an app?

I opt for a simple On/Off switch of the ‘service’ being available at all. I do not have a separate firewall, nor do I want an extra box/real estate to manage.


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