NS8 Mattermost migration DNS update

I successfully migrated mattermost (it would appear), although I am not able to test. If I click the fqdn, I get a “Site has moved, wait for the DNS update.” I don’t know where the dns entry is stored. I was not using DNS on NS7, I have an internal server doing that. My prior setup I had the dns server pointing the tqdn to the IP address of the NS7 box. I updated this dns entry to the new NS8 box, but I get no change. Thoughts?

I am running some additional pointers to mattermost via the NS7 reverse proxy, and they get a service unavailable message, which is the reverse proxy not pointing to the right location. I have updated the IP address to the NS8 ip address, but no luck.

Anyone have any input here? It looks like everything should work, but I get the message below:
Mattermost Migration

Site has moved, wait for the DNS update.

The same DNS server pointing to the new NS8 should be used by all involved devices.
It seems that the client can’t resolve the new NS8 correctly and still goes to NS7.

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I have fixed the dns issue, thanks. The mattermost mobile app won’t connect though, it says cannot connect to the server. Any ideas?

Did you test the mobile app from LAN or WAN?
As regards WAN you may need to setup a reverse proxy or port forward on your firewall.
You could check if you can reach mattermost from a mobile browser.

Is there a specific port/IP I should forward to? I’m not super familiar with the container/cluster model.

It’s port 443 for HTTPS and the IP of your NS8 Mattermost.
It’s the same as in NS7, how did you do it?
Maybe you can share more information about your network infrastructure…

In general:
To reach Mattermost from WAN: Use port forward, reverse proxy or VPN.
To reach Mattermost from LAN: Create DNS entry for Mattermost.