NS8 local backup quota

I ran recently into a disk full issue, the root disk .
It was because of my bad planning .

Is there a way to prevent running into that ?
A system of “quota” or a limit that the backup system would take into consideration .

I think you need to expand a bit more your setup.
If you’re doing backup on the same disk of the system, actuall it’s no backup at all.

yes for sure,

but having an extra way to avoid a catastrophy is good.

everyone is prone to mistakes, like making seat belts and not limiting your car’s speed … :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, my bad.
“Expand” was wrongly used by me for receive a better/bigger/more detailed description the status and the design of your system to better understand how it works

If i get correctly… you decided to use a MinIO installation on your machine as a target for NS8 backup system. Am I correct?.
If that’s true, NS8 however is not sysadmin for the underlying OS. The procedures install some packages and service for the underling container management and configuration deployment… nothing more. You can fill up the storage with your container data, NS8 won’t stop the container using more space. Storage management is sysadmin’s task. MinIO setup and user are not managed by NS8, it use it only as target.

If you want some “safer” settings for your system for storage use, from containers nor backup target… you should look for documentation of these strategies for your underlying distro.

I agree with you a 100% , backing up a system on its own disk (what I did) is just … ridiculous !

it is really just a suggestion that may help in other cases …

And thanks to Linux, the OS/kernel it self always keeps spare space in case of disk full (megs or gigs I don’t remember) .

So it may be not worth the hassle to implement it .