Ns8 install failure on Proxmox LXC running Rocky Linux

Not sure if this configuration is supposed to be supported or not. If not, then feel free to ignore me. :rofl:

Based on how easy it is to generate a Rocky Linux LXC container from Proxmox VE Helper Scripts I thought I’d try. Here are the last few lines on the install procedure:

Install Traefik:
<7>podman-pull-missing ghcr.io/nethserver/traefik:1.0.0
Trying to pull ghcr.io/nethserver/traefik:1.0.0...
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob sha256:adee4cd12bba5d322dc8c86a6cc1e17d65e8f071a27d95d3e7817e61099c71da
Copying config sha256:7304b5a1fb2b946df790a3051ae72edbd702f7f0da15291ac54ef44bf2b90386
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures
<7>extract-ui ghcr.io/nethserver/traefik:1.0.0
Extracting container filesystem ui to /var/lib/nethserver/cluster/ui/apps/traefik1
Assertion failed
  File "/var/lib/nethserver/cluster/actions/add-module/50update", line 200, in <module>
    agent.assert_exp(create_module_result['exit_code'] == 0) # Ensure create-module is successful


I don’t think it is. See also:

Might be a moot point now. I reported an issue with the Helper Scripts to do with the Rocky install and here’s how the developer responded:

Removed from "Operating System". No longer supported.