NS8 Install error on LXC container

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: your_module
In an attempt to have a working NS8 and full functional GUI, I have decided to put NS8 on a LXC container and see if anything improves.
I tried 3 times but getting this error message. Is it because NS8 cannot be installed on a container since it uses container?

I don’t think that installing NS8 in LXC is supported.

It’s not recommended to run podman (NS8 virtualization) in LXC, instead one should use a VM, see Podman in LXC - what do overlay "not support file handles" and "conflicting options: userxattr,metacopy" mean? | Proxmox Support Forum

In another thread it seems working (I didn’t test) even with rootless containers but I think it’s not a good solution because of stability and performance.

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i discarded the idea of installing ns8 on LXC container. My thoughts were exactly, just wanted to give it a try in an attempt to have it work.

I did not bother to even try to install it on privileged LXC. Even if it works, that’s something I am not willing to use.